Bloodstone Collar

Wondrous item, uncommon

This leather collar is studded with red and black heliotropes and fastened with an iron clasp. It functions only when worn by a familiar conjured with the find familiar spell. If a familiar wearing a bloodstone collar is reduced to 0 hit points, one of the heliotrope studs cracks and the damage from that effect is reduced so that the familiar remains at 1 hit point rather than disappearing. Its master then takes one-half of any damage resisted in this fashion; this damage bypasses any resistances or immunities the master has. The familiar’s master can refuse this damage, but the feedback of doing so destroys the familiar’s physical form and the bloodstone collar.

The familiar can still be conjured back with a new find familiar spell as normal. Once all three studs are cracked, the bloodstone collar crumbles to dust. Its power is not triggered by effects that do not deal hit point damage.

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