Book of the Banned

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This spellbook is coated in iridescent leather that changes color depending on the direction from which it is seen.

You can command book of the banned to change its appearance to any kind of book, such as cookbook, a book of musical scores, a children’s picture book, or a business ledger. While its appearance is changed, it does not radiate magic.

You can create a secret page within the book once per day if you know the proper command word. This secret page alters the contents of a page so that it appears to be something entirely different. Glyph of warding can be cast on the secret page. A comprehend languages spell alone cannot reveal a secret page?s contents. You are able to reveal the original contents by speaking a special word. You can then peruse the actual page and return it to its secret page form at will.

True seeing reveals both the book and the secret page for what it truly is. A second command word can alter the book’s appearance, though the book must always appear as some sort of written work and its actual size and weight do not change.

Epic Attunement. When you use the book’s secret page power, you can inscribe a spell of 3rd level or below that belongs to any spell list as an action. You are then able to cast that spell as if it were on a spell scroll of a spell that both appears on your spell list, and you are of high enough level to cast. You can use this ability once, after which you must complete a long rest in order to use it again.

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