Book of the Sea Dog

Wondrous item, common (does not require attunement)

This is a leather-bound book of nautical and underwater theory, with quotes from legendary sailors and explorers, both those who returned to tell the tale and those who did not. It includes diagrams of ships, maps of ocean currents, and lists of aquatic monsters. Its pages are inked in the blood of the drowned.

Radiates: Transmutation magic.

Power: If you spend a short rest reading and contemplating this book, you gain advantage on any skill check made aboard a water vehicle (including, but not limited to, how to operate it), or while you are in, on, over, or underwater for the next 1 hour. This helps you perform better on or below deck, on docks, piers, or wharfs, on bridges, etc. You suffer 1 level of exhaustion immediately afterward.

Special: If you choose to attune to this item, you no longer suffer exhaustion from using it the first time each day.

Special: If you are attuned to this item and you have a nautical background or have spent half a year or more at sea, you do not suffer exhaustion the first two times you use this item’s power per day.

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