Boots of the False Trail

Wondrous item, rare

Boots of the false trail allow you to disguise your footprints as those of a different creature. You can choose any kind of creature that has the same number of legs as you do and is within two size categories, as long as you are familiar with the appearance of its footprints. Your footprints appear to be prints typical of an average creature of that race. You can elect to leave tracks that appear to be made by shoes as well.

If you choose to disguise your footprints as those of a creature of a different size category, the ungainly shape of the boots makes it impossible for you to run or charge, but you can otherwise move normally. You can change the footprints that you leave as an action.

Unlike most boots, the boots of the false trail can change t h e i r form to fit any creature with feet. For example, they will turn into horseshoes to fit on a horse. A creature need wear only one pair of boots to use them; they need not wear boots on every foot, as the magic of the boots affects all tracks the creature leaves. The boots of the false trail can fool spells or abilities that grant knowledge based on tracks and tracking, but not spells or abilities that specifically reveal falsehoods (such as true seeing) or ones that allow for scrying on a specific target.

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