Borrowing Token

Wondrous item, legendary

This small, extremely delicate platinum coin is etched with a remarkably accurate and detailed portrait of the iconic wizard Merlin.

You can use an action to break this token to create a wormhole to Merlin’s incredibly vast horde of magic items and treasures of every type.

The next round, you can use an action to reach through the wormhole to retrieve any one magical item of your choice (up to legendary rarity). Though it is ultimately at the GM’s discretion, Merlin may also have extraordinary devices as well (such as futuristic firearms or mundane mechanical servants).

The item drawn from Merlin’s treasure horde need not be specifically named: you merely think of what you desire and it flies into your hand, at which point the wormhole disappears (unless Merlin deems the item unfit for you). Magic items gained this way are always fully charged, you automatically know the magic item’s properties, it immediately attunes to you, and you are considered proficient with its use regardless of class or race requirements. For example, a wizard that summons a keen vorpal scimitar gains proficiency with that specific magic weapon, and a berserker that chooses a scroll of wish is able to activate it without having any spellcasting.

Exactly 24 hours after a borrowing token is used, the summoned item (and any non-instantaneous effects wrought by it) immediately disappears.

Otherwise a summoned item disappears 4d20 minutes after it leaves your possession (or upon your death, whichever comes first).

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