Bottled Wisp

Wondrous item, common

The eerie light inside this vial appears to be a glowing potion at first, but it regularly shifts and coalesces into a leering skull. A bottled wisp is the distilled essence of a will o’ wisp. When the bottled wisp’s holder uncorks the vial, he releases the skull, which shines light as dancing lights. You may control it as a move action, as per the dancing lights spell. The wisp has a 10-foot aura of fear around it, which imposes disadvantage on saving throws against effects that cause the frightened condition. After one minute, the wisp disappears, and the effects of its aura end. The ingredients required to craft a bottled wisp can be harvested from the remains of a dead will o’wisp with a successful DC 15 Intelligence (Arcana) check.

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