Bow of Apollo

Weapon (longbow), artifact (requires attunement)

Apollo is the Olympian god of archery, prophecy, healing, and many other domains. When he was merely a child, he asked Hephaestus to craft him a bow and arrows powerful enough to slay the monster Python, which was set loose on his mother Leto by the jealous Hera. The bow is said to be made of golden light and the arrows made of silver. You have a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. Radiant Dawn. As an action, you can charge an arrow with the power of sunlight and shoot it into the air, illuminating the surroundings. You may target any empty point in the air within range and cause a burst of sunlight to illuminate bright light within 100 feet and dim light within 200 feet. This light remains hovering in place for one minute and even shines through magical darkness.

Prophetic Shot. The insight of Apollo’s prophecy is indisputable and allows you to fire where your target will be before they know where they will end up. As a reaction to a creature moving 20 feet within your range, you may make an attack against them.

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