Box of the Rapturous Choir

Wondrous item, uncommon

This mother of pearl decorative box portrays gilded pictograms of angels. Opening the box establishes a tenuous gateway to the good-aligned outer planes, which allows choirs of choral angels to reach out to followers of benevolent deities.

The box only works in the hands of a wielder who worships a good-aligned deity. You can open the box of the rapturous choir and make a prayer to your deity as an action, prompting a reply in the form of angelic music. The beautiful melody is both invigorating and inspiring; every ally in a 30 feet radius who can hear the song gains advantage on Wisdom saving throws as long as the box remains open. Additionally, the angelic harmonies bolster a bardic song of rest, doubling the hit points restored.

The box of the rapturous choir can only be opened once per day. The angels sing for up to 1 minute, after which the melody ceases and the box closes automatically.

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