Brain Seed

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a druid)

This is a weird orange seed that resembles a tiny brain.

Radiates: Divination and necromancy magic.

Power: This seed may be planted in any patch of earth, and be watered daily for 1 week with 1 hit point of your blood per day. At the end of that week, the seed grows into a thick-stemmed flower, burnt orange in color. The flower remains closed until bathed in moonlight (natural or magical). The flower then opens to reveal a tiny pulsing red and orange brain.

The brain makes a tiny pop when plucked from the flower and plops wetly into your hand. It smells like ink and parchment. If eaten, the brain tastes like a salty banana but with a firmer, more fibrous texture. A voice in your head (a nature spirit) says you may learn or improve 1 skill known by any creature that ever lived in your world.

Choose to acquire proficiency in any skill you do not currently know from any class list, or take a +2 bonus to any skill already known. Make a DC 15 saving throw using the attribute of the skill you wish to learn or gain the bonus in. If you fail, you immediately drop prone and become unconscious for a number of hours equal to 24 minus the ability score you rolled against.

Regardless of whether you pass or fail, you gain the desired proficiency or bonus. The effect is permanent.

Curse. You sometimes get brief flashes of memory from the life of the dead creature whose skill you absorbed. These come and go at the GM’s discretion and may lead you to where the creature died, to its home, or some other location that was important to it.

The memories may also guide you to the creature’s mentor, patron, family, friends, or enemies.

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