Brawler’s Breath Ring (Set)

Ring, unique (requires attunement by a fighter or rogue)

This silver ring is set with a clenched fist.

Radiates: Abjuration and transmutation magic.

Power: You gain advantage on saving throws against being frightened and stunned.

Power: You gain the berserker’s reckless attack action and the orc’s aggressive trait.

Power: You gain the gladiator’s parry reaction. You do not need a shield or weapon to do so; you simply sidestep the attack or block it with your arms.

Power: You gain ghost punch. You may grapple and use unarmed strikes against incorporeal creatures. Your unarmed strikes deal force damage to incorporeal creatures and bludgeoning damage to everything else. In addition, your unarmed strikes are considered magic weapons for the purpose of determining what creatures can be damaged by them.

Set Bonus: If you are attuned to and wearing both the brawler’s breath amulet and brawler’s breath ring, you gain immunity to the frightened and stunned conditions and can no longer be grappled by others (unless you wish to be). In addition, your unarmed strikes score critical hits on a 19-20. If you land a critical hit on a creature with an unarmed strike, you can choose to either stun that creature for 1 round or shove it 5 feet away unless it makes a Constitution saving throw. Creatures more than one size larger than you are immune to these stun and shove effects.

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