Bullroarer’s Bugle

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

First crafted ages ago for a halfling war hero, a bullroarer’s horn can be used to sound a call that sounds like a dragon roaring three times. This can be heard up to 2 miles away and you can make these sounds at any point within 1 minute, with each sounding being either short or long, allowing you to send very simple coded messages.

Your allies who can hear the horn are affected by a bless spell, while your enemies are affected by a DC 11 bane spell. Normally you can only use this ability once before needing to complete a long rest in order to use it again, but if you are a halfling, you can sound the horn three times before needing to complete a long rest. If you are a halfling, your allies roll a d6 for the bless effect rather than a d4.

Epic Attunement. Your allies hearing the horn gain the effects of longstrider for 1 minute, while halflings and their mounts gain the effects of expeditious retreat for 1 minute. This increased speed applies only as long as those allies are moving toward the sound of the horn.

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