Burning Book

Wondrous item, uncommon

This eldritch tome is scorched and covered with soot, with the edges of its pages singed and smoking when the book is opened. A spellcaster can cast a spell dealing fire damage while holding the burning book without interfering with a spell’s somatic components.

When doing so, as a bonus action she can read the mystic runes on a number of pages of the burning book equal to the spell’s level (1 page for a cantrip). Those pages flare with sooty orange flame and burn to ash, infusing the spell with greater power. Creatures taking fire damage from the enhanced spell are wreathed in orange flames that illuminate them as faerie fire for 1 round if they fail a Dexterity saving throw. In addition, at the beginning of each creature’s next turn, they take fire damage equal to twice the spell’s level, or half as much if they succeeded on their Dexterity saving throw. A burning book has 3d6 + 10 pages when found and crumbles to ash after the final page is used.

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