Caduceus Staff

Staff, very rare (requires attunement)

This staff has two snakes coiling about it, with spreading wings from the end. The staff has 6 magical charges which can be expended to power the abilities described below. At dawn, the staff regains 1d6 charges. 

  • Just Passing Through (0 charges). When you arrive in a civilized area you are not well known in, you are far less likely to draw a scene or arouse suspicion. While you are attuned to the staff, you largely go unnoticed through your travels as most eyes pass over you without a second thought. If you cause a disturbance such as committing a crime or a violent act, this magical effect is broken. You can turn this effect on and off as an action if you would prefer to be noticed or remain discreet
  • You may expend a charge to cast the spell sleep.
  • You may expend two charges to cast the spell gentle repose.
  • You may expend three charges to cast the spell revivify. You do not need the material components to cast these spells.
  • Instead of the charm person spell, the creature flies into a frenzy and ignores all else to rip you to pieces.
  • Soul Traveler. You may cast the spell plane shift and must roll 1d100. You may conduct this magic as an action or as an 8-hour ritual. If you use an action, on 50-100 the spell has the desired effect. On a 1-49, you instead transport to a random plane not of your choosing. On a 1-10, the staff additionally shatters and is permanently destroyed. If you cast this spell as an 8-hour ritual, you arrive safely on a roll of 30-100, a random location on a roll of 1-29, and the staff is destroyed on a roll of 1. Once you have used this ability, you cannot use it again for one month.
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