Calfbone Man

Wondrous item, rare

Rapping three times on this hollow leg bone of a calf causes a fist-sized man to emerge from it. This little man is dressed as a peasant with a hat low over his eyes and a beard longer than his body. If anyone attempts to pick up the man or peek under his hat, he immediately vanishes and cannot be summoned again until the next dawn. While the man is out of his bone and with you, he provides the following benefits:

  • Animals react with friendliness towards the calfbone man. You have advantage on all Wisdom (Animal Handling) checks and may cast speak with animals at will.
  • A calfbone man serves you as an unseen servant can, but ignores commands requiring him to speak or attack. He vanishes at any time he would take damage or require a saving throw and you cannot summon him again until the next dawn. Where necessary, the man uses the statistics of a rat.
  • At your request, a calfbone man can create food and water for you once after each dawn.

If you slay an animal without making some form of offering of respect and gratitude for the animal’s sacrifice, a calfbone man will vanish, if he is out of his bone, and refuse to answer any summons for one week unless you atone by apologizing to the slain animal’s spirit.

The calfbone man remains active for up to 12 hours before retreating into the bone and cannot be summoned again until after a long rest.

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