Cane of Butterflies

Rod, uncommon

This magical brass-tipped bamboo walking stick is topped with a bone grip carved to resemble a twisting swarm of butterflies.

The hollow handle is hides a small secret compartment filled with dried lotus blossoms.

When the owner of the cane taps the brass tip three times upon the ground by using an action, it begins to radiate a dim lavender glow that sheds dim light in a 120-foot radius. This effect lasts for 1 hour or until dismissed by again rapping three times on the ground. In addition, three times per day the user can rap the cane four times to magically change the owner’s appearance from young to old.

This effect is purely illusory, as if using disguise self; however, if the wielder expends all three uses of this power at once she can instead physically change her form to the body of a young or old humanoid, as if using alter self. As a side effect, whenever the canes user activates one of its powers, the cane gives off the scent of lotus blossoms.

Once per day, the user can use the cane to summon a swarm of butterflies. Doing so requires the cane’s owner to prepare it by placing a small handful of dried lotus blossoms into the handle.

The cane’s owner can command the butterflies to swarm a single target within 300 feet. The swarm completely obscures the victim’s sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. Attacks against creatures within 5 feet have disadvantage, and the creature is treated as blind against creatures more than 5 feet away.

Beyond obscuring the target’s sight the butterfly swarm is relatively harmless, unless the swarmed victim attempts to injure or hurt the butterflies. Anyone attempting to injure the butterflies must make a DC 18 Wisdom save or be transformed into a butterfly as polymorph (though the transformed creature retains its full hit points).

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