Canopic Chest of Eternal Repose

Wondrous item, legendary

Covered with a funerary shroud of the modern death goddess, the canopic chest of eternal repose is sectioned into four segments, each of which can house a canopic jar. The chest can hold up to 700 pounds and has a volume limit of 100 cubic feet.

The contents of the chest are preserved so that they resist the passage of time and do not decay. Recently deceased creature (or parts of creatures) placed within the chest gain the benefits of a gentle repose.

The true power of the canopic chest of eternal repose is when it is filled with canopic jars containing the four vital organs—the intestine, liver, lung, and stomach. The chest prevents the owner of the entombed organs from being the target of any effect that would restore it to life or unlife, while spells such as wish only reveal that the subject’s soul is still partially tethered on the material plane. Divinations attempting to locate the creature’s remains or communicate with its spirit automatically fail, as do effects that would detect the magical aura of the chest or anything within it, though the chest itself can be discovered if the nature of the deceased’s entombment is discovered. The stone of the chest is infused with invisible spiritual energies as strong as a wall of force.

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