Captain’s Cutlass

Weapon (any one-handed sword), uncommon (requires attunement)

This +1 scimitar is typically engraved with the name, rank, and ensign of the flag officer for whom it was forged and is often embellished with gold filigree along its blade and its elaborate basket hilt-guard that resembles interlocking anchors. This guard grants you a +1 AC bonus when using the Disengage action or against opportunity attacks. Additionally, it grants you advantage on Strength (Athletic) checks related to swimming and being underwater imposes no penalties on your movement or attacks

A captain’s cutlass retains resonant memories of its original master’s nautical savvy, which it imparts upon you once you have attuned to the weapon granting advantage on skill checks while on a seagoing vessel or on any check related to sailing (GM’s discretion). Also, you gain an ability identical to the 1st level ranger ability Natural Explorer. The benefits of this trait are only applicable to coastal terrain and aquatic terrain (both on the surface and undersea).

If a hostile creature creates a wind, weather, or water-based effect (GM’s discretion) whose area includes your ship, once per day as a reaction you can attempt an Intelligence or Dexterity ability check (as appropriate) vs. the caster’s spell save DC. If the check succeeds, the effect has no effect within 30 feet of you.

While a captain’s cutlass is usually crafted as a scimitar, they are sometimes manufactured as rapiers, long swords, shortswords, or any other one-handed weapon the GM deems suitable.

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