Cataloging Book

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

While holding the book, you can take an action to touch the book to an object you wish to catalog. The book inscribes the object’s name, provided by you, on one of its pages and sketches a rough illustration to accompany the object’s name. If the object is a magic item or otherwise magic-imbued, the book also inscribes the object’s properties. The book becomes attuned to the object and denotes its location within its pages and tracks its location, provided the object is not protected by nondetection or other magic that thwarts divination magic.

If you and a cataloged object are on the same plane, you can teleport to the object’s location as if you cast teleport with a familiarity of “very familiar.” You can’t use this property again until 7 days have elapsed.

You can also take an action to speak a command word that encrypts the book’s entries, which you and up to ten designated creatures can understand without difficulty.

With another action and command word, you can return the entries to readable text (typically Common, but you can choose the language).

When you become attuned to the book, all cataloged items disappear from the book.

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