Cauldron of Wonders

Wondrous item, very rare

This humongous pewter cauldron is a Large object weighing 1,000 pounds.

The cauldron’s magic allows a creature to mass produce potions with startling efficiency, provided they have the requisite skills. To perform this extraordinary feat using the cauldron, you must spend 1 hour of strenuous activity adding alchemical ingredients to the cauldron and readying the resulting mixture.

At the end of this time, any potion poured into the cauldron converts the entire mixture into that potion, enough for twenty individual potions of the same type. However, the magic of these potions is significantly diluted, causing their properties to last for 24 hours before they become inert. This entire process also requires a successful Wisdom (alchemist’s supplies) ability check, the DC of which is determined by the rarity of the potion added to the mixture as detailed in the Cauldron of Wonders table, with a failure resulting in the entire mixture becoming spoiled and the potion wasted.

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