Ceramic Frog

Wondrous item, common (does not require attunement)

This is a Tiny white ceramic frog.

Radiates: Transmutation magic.


  • When you place this item in a source of contaminated, poisoned, or polluted water or other liquid, it purifies it. A drinking vessel’s worth is purified in 1 round, and a bucket, pot, or comparable size pool or puddle in 1 minute. The frog turns green after it has finished purifying the liquid, then reverts to white again once you remove it. Each time you use this power, you suffer 1 level of exhaustion.
  • If you choose to attune to this item, you no longer suffer exhaustion from using it the first time each day. In addition, you can use it to purify a pond or well in 1 hour and a small lake or stream in 1 day. The frog cannot purify anything larger than that and is destroyed if you try.

Special: If you are attuned and you are a druid, ranger, transmuter, or cleric of a god of life, nature, poison, protection, swamps, or water, you do not suffer exhaustion when you use this item.

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