Certain Compass

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This simple brass compass opens up to reveal a needle that casually drifts to and fro without any obvious direction. The underside of the lid bears the inscription, “Lo, ‘venture forth into the Black, you shall find no Darkness”. As an action, you can speak the name of a prominent, specific destination, and the needle will indicate the shortest path to this destination as if with the spell find the path. The compass can only show direction and cannot bestow any of the other benefits of find the path. Should the compass be given the name of a location that does not exist or is not prominent enough (such as a specific inn instead of a specific town), the needle will point to the nearest similar prominent location. Once you have used this ability twice, you must complete a long rest before its charges reset.

Epic Attunement. When using the certain compass, you can choose whether or not to find the shortest path to your destination, or the safest path to your destination. If you choose the latter of the two, you will be taken along the shortest route to your destination that is sure to have no dangers, whether those dangers be living creatures, or natural hazards.

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