Chakram of Windfire

Weapon, artifact (requires attunement)

The chakram of windfire is slightly heavier than a normal chakram and is engraved with sweeping fiery designs. Legends say it was presented to a young prince that rose from the dead to avenge his slain friends. The chakram of windfire functions as a +3 weapon that deals 1d8 slashing damage and 1d8 fire damage and has the finesse and thrown (range 20/60) qualities. When you score a critical hit with the chakram, it deals an extra 1d10 fire damage.

When thrown, the chakram creates a strong wind trailing behind it for one round (as gust of wind) and whether thrown in this manner or as part of an Attack action, it always returns to your hand.

An evil ancient dragon capable of granting epic boons or divine blessings may bestow the chakram of windfire upon one that has proven herself to especially desire revenge and bloodletting. There can only one chakram of windfire in existence at a time, and every evil ancient dragon is aware of its location and owner. Should an evil ancient dragon deem that its current owner has shown excessive mercy, it may come to reclaim its prize.

Epic Attunement. This chakram changes its range to 80/320 for its thrown quality and deals 1d10 slashing damage and 1d10 fire damage.


This weapon can only be destroyed by using it to wound the dragon that gifted the weapon in a fight. You must surrender to the dragon when near death (less than 75% hp remaining), and then convince the dragon to spare her life. If the dragon does so, the weapon will burn into cinders and float away on the wind.

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