Chaos Blade

Weapon (any dagger or sword), rare (requires attunement by a fighter or rogue of chaotic alignment)

This +1 weapon has a wavy blade with the everchanging symbol of Chaos in its cross guard.

Radiates: Divination and evocation magic.

Power: You read, speak, and write Abyssal, Deep Speech, and Primordial.

Power: Whenever you hit a non-chaotic creature with this weapon, you deal an extra 1d6 damage of a random type determined by a d8 roll:

Special: If you are a fighter, you can use your Action Surge one extra time per short or long rest, but only when attacking a non-chaotic creature with this weapon. If you hit, you automatically score a critical hit. The weapon’s random damage doubles to 2d6 and splashes an adjacent hostile creature within 5 feet of the target for 1d6 damage. If you roll a critical hit instead, the adjacent creature takes 2d6 damage.

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