Chaos Fruit

Wondrous item, legendary

This resplendent golden apple glistens in the light. The apple has no flavor, but an interior of dark, sparkling, chaos. The apple may be bitten four times, but a creature may only gain the effects of the apple once. When you bite the apple, roll a d% and consult the chart below.

d% Effect
1 You die. You can only be brought back by a true resurrection or wish spell.
2-9 You grow ten years younger.
10-19 You grow twenty years older.
20-29 Your sex is changed.
30-39 You swap your native language for Greek. If you already speak Greek take 10d20 damage.
40-49 You may pick one spell up to level 4. You may cast this spell once per day as an action. If you are not a spellcaster, your spellcasting modifier is +4 and your spell save DC is 18.
50-59 You permanently gain 1 level.
60-69 You permanently lose 1 level.
70-79 Your maximum hit points increase by 20.
80-89 You gain one feat of your choice.
90-99 You gain +4 to one attribute of your choice. This can increase your ability score over 20.
100 You may cast wish one time. You must cast it before you begin your next long rest.
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