Chemo-Oxidizer Reactor Capsule

Wondrous item, rare

A chemo-oxidizer consists of a marble-sized, magnetized reactor capsule that can be hurled at a target or shot using a sling or wrist rocket. Variant versions include cartridges that can be fired from flare guns, shot guns, or other types of firearms however these are rare as misfires typically destroy the weapon.

Once it strikes a target, the reactor capsule rapidly releases a potent chemical that increases the speed of oxidation causing the metal to weaken in a 1-footdiameter centered on the charge. Thereafter, the metal begins losing 1 point of damage threshold per round. If the metal is reduced to half its original threshold the affected area rusts completely.

If used against a ferrous-based creature (such as a robot) the chemicals weaken the creature’s natural AC bonus instead of its damage threshold.

If the creature loses more than half its natural AC, then the chemicals deal 1d8 points of damage to the creature. A creature may make a DC 14 Constitution saving throw to end AC reduction effect.

Once used, the oxidizing chemical is depleted and the item becomes useless. Usually found in groups of 1d4 reactor pellets.

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