Chemosol 2: Artificial Pheromones

Potion (chemosol), uncommon

Note Chemosols represent any number of different types of chemicals that come in small, highly pressurized canisters. Activated by depressing a nozzle button on the top of the canister, a chemisol canister unleashes a 15-foot cone of contact chemicals or inhalants. Common chemicals include artificial hormones or pheromones, neurological disruptors, and irritants. The effects and costs of assorted chemicals are listed below. Each canister contains a single dose or application of the desired chemical.

Artificial pheromones can be used to alter the way an individual responds to you. The user activates the pheromone by applying the chemicals to their own body.

The nearly undetectable scent of the artificial pheromones triggers an attraction response from creatures of the same type within 10 feet, granting advantage on Charisma checks for 10 minutes; however, the volatile pheromones are immediately negated if the user takes 10 or more points of acid or fire damage or is exposed to a scent-based effect like stinking cloud. Creatures with no sense of smell are unaffected by artificial pheromones.

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