Chemosol 4: Stimsensitizer

Potion (chemosol), uncommon

Note Chemosols represent any number of different types of chemicals that come in small, highly pressurized canisters. Activated by depressing a nozzle button on the top of the canister, a chemisol canister unleashes a 15-foot cone of contact chemicals or inhalants. Common chemicals include artificial hormones or pheromones, neurological disruptors, and irritants. The effects and costs of assorted chemicals are listed below. Each canister contains a single dose or application of the desired chemical.

This canister sprays a 15-foot cone of chemicals that greatly increase sensitivity to a specific type of sensory stimulus, determined when the stimsensitizer is created.

This may be bright light, loud sound, strong smells, heat, or cold. Creatures in the cone become highly sensitive to the chosen stimulus for 10 minutes unless they make a successful DC 12 Constitution saving throw. Creatures made sensitive to heat or cold by stimsensitizer have disadvantage on saving throws against fire or cold effects, respectively. Creatures made sensitive to bright light, loud sounds, or strong smells likewise have disadvantage on saving throws against effects of those types, and whenever exposed to such stimuli take 1d6 psychic damage per minute of exposure. Creatures can avoid this damage by moving away from the source of the stimulus or taking cover or shelter, such as closing their eyes, covering their ears, or holding their nose, or simply finding some form of cover or shelter from exposure to it.

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