Chemosol 6: Neurological Exciter

Potion (chemosol), rare

Note Chemosols represent any number of different types of chemicals that come in small, highly pressurized canisters. Activated by depressing a nozzle button on the top of the canister, a chemisol canister unleashes a 15-foot cone of contact chemicals or inhalants. Common chemicals include artificial hormones or pheromones, neurological disruptors, and irritants. The effects and costs of assorted chemicals are listed below. Each canister contains a single dose or application of the desired chemical.

A neurological exciter can be sprayed to produce a small 20-foot diameter cloud, 10 feet in height that lingers for 1d4 rounds. Victims within or entering the cloud are wracked with uncontrollable spasms and convulsions for 1d4 rounds unless they make a successful DC 12 Constitution saving throw. While convulsing, creatures are treated as incapacitated, but also move 5 feet each round in a random direction. A creature adjacent to a convulsing creature after it moves takes 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage from its flailing limbs and thrashing body. A convulsing creature can attempt a new Constitution saving throw each round at the end of its turn to end the convulsions. The convulsions can be ended immediately by protection from poison.

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