Clockwork Spotter

Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement)

This tiny bird is made of intricate metals and delicate gears. On its back is a large metal key that can be cranked to bring it to life. Once per day, the key can be turned several times to activate the clockwork spotter, taking 1 round. Once activated, it animates and follows your directions and orders. Its statistics are identical to a raven, save that it has AC 15 and 10 hit points. In addition, you can command the clockwork spotter to seek a single creature or item, as if it had cast locate object or locate creature at will.

The person that activated the clockwork spotter can impart their knowledge of a creature, place, or thing in detail, and the clockwork spotter will do its best to lead the holder to the target closest matching the description. After 1 hour, the clockwork spotter loses all memory of its target, lands, and deactivates.

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