Clothes of the Ever-Ready Explorer

Wondrous Item, common (requires attunement)

This set of sturdy, lightweight clothing is spun from darkleaf cloth and consists of a shirt, a set of trousers, and a set of undergarments with a matching, visually pleasing aesthetic.

By speaking a command word while the entire set of clothing is worn, the wearer can transform the clothes of the ever-ready explorer into any outfit, granting the wearer all mundane benefits that such an outfit provides, such as warm furs worn in a cold environment. The clothes (and any footwear) are capable of gaining new articles of clothing and accessories, losing articles of clothing and accessories, or altering its current form to improve its tactile and environmental comfort level. As part of speaking the command word, the wearer determines all physical aspects of the clothes of the ever-ready explorer, including its color and style. A set of clothes of the ever-ready explorer cannot create or destroy jewelry and it cannot transform into any set of clothing whose combined cost exceeds 1,000 gp.

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