Cloudcloth Armor

Armor (light), very rare (requires attunement)

This +1 padded armor is quilted from soft white quilted cloth. You gain the ability to see through areas that are lightly obscured by fog, mist, and murky water, as if they were perfectly clear, ignoring any disadvantage that would be caused due these obstructions. You also gain advantage on Dexterity (Stealth) ability checks in areas of must, cloud, or fog.

You can cast gaseous form on yourself, with a concentration of up to 10 minutes.

This spell can be cast as a reaction if you fall more than 5 feet. Once you cast this spell, you must complete a long rest before casting it again.

Epic Attunement. Whenever you cast gaseous form, you gain resistance to all damage types. Additionally, as a reaction, you can absorb a natural or magical area of cloud, fog, mist, or smoke, including toxic or harmful gases such as cloudkill or gaseous breath weapons. You must be in the area in order to absorb it. Absorbing a magical gas effect requires a Charisma check equal to the caster’s spell DC. Natural, non-magical gas is automatically absorbed.

This absorption effect is instantaneous and affects the entire area of a magical effect or a 30-foot-radius spread centered on you for nonmagical smoke, fog, or gas. This absorption does not prevent additional gas effects in the same area. You can use this ability to force a creature in gaseous form back into its normal form.

With a successful melee weapon attack against the gaseous creature and a successful Charisma check as described above, the target is forced out of gaseous form and the spell is dispelled.

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