Cloudstep Boots

Wondrous item, artifact (requires attunement)

The cloudstep boots allow you to walk on top of natural or magical mist or fog, including fog-like gases such as those created by cloudkill, incendiary cloud, or stinking cloud. Walking on top of such clouds carries no danger for you but walking through the cloud has its normal effect. Additionally, as long as you are wearing the cloudstep boots, you may cast fog cloud at will as if it were in a 5th-level spell slot.

A chaotic ancient dragon capable of granting epic boons or divine blessings may bestow the cloudstep boots upon one that has proven themselves to be especially clever and tenacious. There can only one pair of the cloudstep boots in existence at a time, and every chaotic ancient dragon is aware of its location and owner. Should a chaotic ancient dragon deem that its current owner has shown excessive lethargy, it may come to reclaim its prize.

Epic Attunement. As long as you are wearing the cloudstep boots, you can cast stinking cloud at will and cloudkill as if it were in an 8th-level spell slot, once per long rest.


These boots can only be destroyed if a lawful spellcaster uses the imprisonment spell on them. They must also destroy the heart of the dragon that offered the boots up as part of casting the spell.

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