Coated Quiver of Cold Death

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement by a fighter or rogue)

This distinctive blue-white and dead-black quiver is painted with a frozen skull.

Radiates: Evocation and transmutation magic.

Power: When you place up to 12 nonmagical pieces of bow or crossbow ammunition in this quiver, it becomes +1 ammunition coated with cold magic. You must leave it untouched inside the quiver while you complete a long rest or the magic fails.

Once coated, you deal an extra die of cold damage for your ammunition type (for example, hand crossbow and shortbow ammunition deals an extra 1d6 cold). In addition, the creature hit must make a successful Constitution save or its speed is reduced by half for 1 minute. This effect stacks if a creature is hit multiple times and fails multiple saves. This ammunition is destroyed when used.

Limit: You cannot sell, discard, or give this magic ammunition to others. If you do, it loses it magic.

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