Collar of Immunity

Wondrous item, legendary (requires attunement)

This collar is embedded with seven emerald talismans. While they are attached to the collar, a character wearing the collar can use a bonus action to activate one of them. A talisman remains active for one minute or until the bearer uses a bonus action to disactivate it or until another one is activated. After a talisman has been used for one minute, it cannot be used again until the following midnight. Each talisman provides protection against certain types of damage to the bearer, as noted below. They are:

  • Immunity to ingested, insinuated, and contact poisons.
  • Immunity to poisonous gas.
  • Immunity to touch attacks that paralyze or petrify.
  • Immunity to breath attacks that paralyze or petrify.
  • Immunity to gaze attacks that paralyze or petrify.
  • Immunity to disease.
  • Immunity to charm.

If a talisman is removed from the collar, its magical properties disappear. The remaining gems retain their potency.

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