Crescent Blade of the Green Dragon

Weapon, artifact (requires attunement)

The crescent blade of the green dragon is abnormally thick compared to a normal glaive making it too cumbersome to be wieldable but by only the strongest.

It is massive blade sits in the mouth of a golden dragon motif, and the whole shaft is green with brilliant gold inlays. It is a +3 glaive, and its weight allows it to deal 3d6 slashing damage. It can be properly wielded if you have a Strength of 18 or higher, otherwise you have disadvantage on all attack rolls with the weapon.

The crescent blade of the green dragon provides you with resistance to cold damage and provides disadvantage on attacks by any dragons made against you.

An ancient green dragon capable of granting epic boons or divine blessings may bestow the crescent blade of the green dragon upon one that has proven themself to be especially strong of body and purpose.

There can only one crescent blade of the green dragon in existence at a time, and every ancient green dragon is aware of its location and owner. Should an ancient green dragon deem that its current owner has shown excessive weakness, it may come to reclaim its prize.

Epic Attunement. You no longer have to meet the 18 Strength requirement in order to wield this weapon without having disadvantage on your attacks. Additionally, the crescent blade of the green dragon deals 3d8 slashing damage on a successful hit.


This weapon can only be destroyed by using it during a snowstorm to slay the dragon that gifted it. Upon striking the final blow, this weapon will turn to frost and shatter.

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