Crimson Helix

Weapon (spear), very rare

A spiraling red blade runs around the upper shaft of this +2 spear, its characteristic hue the result of a thin coating of coagulated blood exuded by the lacerating weapon which is a favorite in gladiatorial arenas due to its thrilling visuals. When wielded in combat, the crimson helix violently spins its spiraling blade, tearing into exposed flesh. On a critical hit, or on any hit against a creature with no natural armor bonus to AC and wearing light or no armor, the target takes 1d8 additional damage from bleeding. The gashes caused by a crimson helix are cursed and cannot heal naturally.

Magical healing has only half the normal effect on damage dealt by a crimson helix (though other damage can be cured normally) unless the curse is removed with remove curse or a similar effect. A regenerate spell functions normally and removes this curse, and creatures with the regeneration ability are immune.

As an action, the wielder can thrust the twirling helix into soft ground to throw a cloud of dust and debris in the air for 1 round.

This effect can take the form of a 10-footradius spread centered on the wielder or a 15-foot cone-shaped burst, at the wielder’s choice. Creatures who fail a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw in the area other than the wielder are blinded for 1d4 rounds. A blinded creature can wipe the dust from their eyes as an action, removing the blinded condition.

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