Crusader Aegis

Armor (breastplate), legendary (requires attunement)

This shiny +2 breastplate bears on its chest the honored insignia of the crusades. A warrior donning the crusader aegis fights reassured that his soul is safe should he perish before wicked enemies.

If the wearer dies, the armor absorbs the wearer’s soul, body, and other equipment and surrounds itself with a shell of energy equivalent to a wall of force, which is in turn surrounded by 5-foot-radius permanent antilife shell spell that also hedges out constructs and undead. While so protected, a crusader aegis can be moved by a creature using a tool to bypass the antilife shell.

The lifekeeping energies of the shell can be used to help bring back a fallen wearer, serving in place of the material component of a raise dead, resurrection or true resurrection spell cast by a good-aligned being. The shell is consumed, but the armor remains and retains its magical properties. A good-aligned creature using such a spell ignores the antilife shell and wall of force. An evil creature attempting to carry the shell suffers the effects of the poisoned condition, even if immune to the poisoned condition, as the overwhelming good energies of the armor prove anathema to the evil creature.

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