Crypt Warden’s Plate

Armor (heavy), rare (requires attunement)

Invocations to the goddess of death are etched across the helm, breastplate, and vambraces of this +1 full plate. When an undead creature ends its movement within 60 feet of the wearer of a crypt warden’s plate, the armor becomes noticeably cold inside and out, with the sigils dedicated to the goddess of death emitting a faint blue glow according to its strength. Only the vambraces glow in the presence of undead with a Challenge of 1 or less, shedding light in a 5-foot radius. The vambraces and breastplate glow in a 15-foot-radius near stronger undead, or in a 30-footradius near undead with a Challenge of 10 or higher. This detection does not function through solid stone, earth, or metal barriers.

A creature wearing crypt warden’s plate reduces necrotic damage from any effect by 5 points (minimum 0) and cannot be raised as an undead creature or become an undead spawn if slain while wearing the armor or even after death unless the armor is first removed.

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