Dagon’s Oil

Potion, rare

Dagon’s oil is concocted by deep ones, who infuse small amounts of it into their water for drinking, cooking (when they don’t eat their food raw), and bathing. The oil gives the water a mildly fishy flavor and aroma that deep ones consider pleasant. Deep ones’ senses of smell and taste are sharply attuned to the presence of Dagon’s oil; they make Perception checks with advantage when sensing the presence of this oil. To other races, small amounts of the oil dispersed in water (the only way it’s ever used) just make the water smell and taste like it was drawn from a sluggish river or a fish tank.

If, however, the oil comes into contact with the skin of a creature that isn’t a deep one and it isn’t subsequently washed off with soap—or worse, if the water is consumed—then for the next 24 hours, deep ones always gain the benefits of Frenzied Rage when attacking that creature.

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