Darksire Scepter

Rod, rare (requires attunement)

This rod of polished black metal contains a hollow sphere of crystal at its tip containing relics of a fallen fiend, such as a scale, shaving of horn or claw, or lock of hair, wreathed in ever-burning, never-consuming flames. The burning crystal atop the darksire scepter sheds light as a torch, and the wielder also can see normally into areas covered by darkness.

If attuned by a tiefling, the darksire scepter enhances the spells they gain from their infernal legacy as follows (this does not apply when casting these spells through other means):

  • Thaumaturgy: You can maintain up to 4 effects at a time instead of 3.
  • Hellish rebuke: You deal an additional 1d10 damage.
  • Darkness: You do not need to concentrate on the spell.

In addition, a tiefling attuned to the darkfire scepter has advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks when interacting with fiends.

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