Potion, uncommon

This gleaming golden liquid sheds a warm glow of bright light within 5 feet. It can then be drunk or applied to an object like an oil, causing that creature or object to radiate daylight for 1 hour.

A creature who has imbibed dawndraught can suppress this glow as an action, but keeping it suppressed requires concentration (as if concentrating on a spell). If that concentration is broken (or if the drinker ceases concentration as a free action), the daylight glow resumes. The dawndraught’s duration continues to elapse even while its glow is suppressed in this way.

If the drinker casts a spell or uses an ability that deals radiant damage while under the effects of the dawndraught can choose to expend the potion’s power to enhance that effect. This increases the radiant damage dealt by 2d6, after which all effects of the dawndraught end.

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