Daydream Orb

Wondrous item, very rare

The daydream orb is, to all appearances, a common scrying orb. To activate it, the user holds it in their hands and speaks or signs the name of the person they wish to view. Each successful activation appears to show a moving image of the target, complete with sound and scent, at the exact moment of activation wherever they are in the world. After activating, the orb cannot be activated again for 5 rounds. The orb does not work across planes and cannot be used to view people back on Earth. A successful DC 20 Intelligence (Arcana) check reveals the true nature of the orb. All images shown in the orb’s surface are false, showcasing an elaborate illusion of the requested targets. This illusion shows what the user hopes to see. Once the orb is proven false to a user, it no longer functions for them and they can never reactivate the orb, but that doesn’t prevent others from using it. If more than one person lays hands on it at a time, they roll opposing Wisdom checks for control of the orb. In the event of a tie, the orb is thrown into chaos and shows a series of rapidly changing illusions for 2 rounds before going dark and becoming inert for a full day.

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