Dead Sea Scrolls

Wondrous item, legendary

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of religious and historical documents that mark one of the most significant collections of the era. These include original Hebrew scriptures, sectarian manuscripts relating to daily life at the time, and non-canonical materials such as apocryphal works.

Angel Summoning. Within the apocryphal materials of the scrolls are a list of names of angels and fallen angels. By studying these texts, you gain insight into the servants of Yahweh. During a long rest, you may study the scrolls and make a DC 20 History check. If you succeed, a deva (CR 10) appears. Its intentions or reaction to your summoning is entirely up to the GM. It is not bound to you and holds no requirement to agree with anything you say. There is a 10 percent chance when doing this summoning, the angel is instead of Lawful Evil alignment. Words of Prophecy. In the Book of Enoch, he describes events that would have happened far after his time. These prophetic words are recorded in the scrolls and imbue it with the power of foresight. During a long rest, you may cast the spell divination and do not require the material component.

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