Deceiver’s Ring

Ring, rare (requires attunement)

A deceiver’s ring is a gold ring of virtually any design but always appears to be quite valuable — at least 500 gp. Anyone wearing the ring is considered to be of any alignment the wearer chooses for any spells or effects that detect alignment or the presence of chaos, evil, law, or good. The wearer sets the alignment of the ring once per day as an action and cannot change it again for 24 hours. In addition to its alignment-masking properties, the ring itself does not detect as magic. The wearer of the ring is not protected from alignment-based spells, such as protection from evil, chaos hammer, etc., to which the wearer’s natural alignment applies. In addition, the ring’s masked dweomer is not resistant to spells such as identify that are cast upon it. Few are aware that these rings exist, as they are a closely guarded secret.

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