Decoy Ring

Ring, rare

Whenever the wearer is adjacent to at least one enemy and become unconscious or paralyzed or uses the Dash action to move away from those enemies, the decoy ring triggers automatically. The wearer becomes invisible, although their allies can perceive them without difficulty. The decoy ring also creates 4 illusory duplicates of the wearer, which each run away in different directions or perform other plausible actions (GM’s discretion) to direct the attention of enemies away from the invisible wearer.

These illusory duplicates disappear if struck by an attack vs. AC 10, though they are not destroyed by area effects. An opponent can use an action to disbelieve the illusions with a DC 17 Intelligence saving throw, with success recognizing them as illusory but not revealing the invisible creature. The invisibility and illusory duplicates both vanish after 3 rounds at the end of the wearer’s turn. After being activated, the decoy ring does not function again until 24 hours have passed.

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