Delayed Spell Box

Strange thing, very rare

This mechanized box of Carahillian origin functions as a spell bomb. The interior of the box is outfitted with several focusing crystals and lined with runes to protect and shield its contents. A spell is cast into the box, where it is held in stasis until activated by the code word set by the creator. Once the word is spoken or signed, the ensorcelled locking mechanism releases as the box opens and deploys the spell. The caster does not have to be present when the box is activated but they must be on the same plane. All normal costs and components must be expended to cast the spell. Once used, the box is drained and cannot be re-enchanted, becoming a useless wooden box filled with dead parts. The spell cast into the box does not need to be offensive in nature, and the box can contain spells such as circle of death or any spell that targets an area rather than a singular target. The box can only enclose arcane spells, as the enchanted mechanism cannot capture the divine.

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