Dimensional Bomb

Wondrous item, artifact

Centuries ago, when the Goddess of Valor and Honor transcended her mortal existence to join the divine pantheon, her ascendance was met with distinct reactions of her new peers. Though many welcomed her with open arms, there were those who challenged her place among them; furthermore, some of the villainous gods, who already nurtured animosity for her noble deeds as a mortal, instantly became outright enemies. To make allies and learn how to navigate this new existence, the goddess reached out to potential friends; such humility was well appreciated, and most benevolent gods offered the Goddess not only thoughtful advices, but also tokens of friendship—or so the story goes.

What is certain beyond doubt is that the Dimensional Bomb was one such token, commissioned by the God of Dwarves and Artificers to his clergy and followers.

For months, the dwarves toiled to create a gift worthy of the Goddess, one that would make their own god proud of his children. Countless projects fell by the wayside, deemed insufficient, until a wise cabal of dwarf wizards stepped forward to offer their design. The result was a powerful weapon meant to aid the new Goddess in her holy war against evil; upon its presentation, the God of Dwarves was so pleased that he infused the artifact with an infinitesimal ounce of his own power. Thus was the dimensional bomb created, and given to the church of the Goddess of Valor and Honor.

Planar Transformation: The dimensional bomb is a one-use device that can be detonated on any plane of existence as an action. The detonation of the bomb changes the whole plane to be strongly law-aligned and strongly good-aligned for 1 minute.

Every chaotic evil creature on the plane takes 1 point of radiant damage per HD and must make a DC 13 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened for 1 minute. Chaotic evil creatures caught within 30 feet of the detonation are stunned for 1 round. If detonated by a godlike creature, double the radius and duration of these effects.

For the next hour, while the plane reverts back to its original state, chaotic evil beings cannot willingly leave or enter that plane, except if banished by a good-aligned being. In that case, the banished creature appears randomly in another plane.


To render a dimensional bomb null, it is necessary to disassemble it with a successful DC 30 Dexterity (Sleight of Hand) check using thieves’ tools made of pure gold. Failure to disarm it results in the bomb’s detonation; even on a successful roll, there is still a 5% chance that the artifact goes off accidentally.

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