Disintegration Torc

Weapon, very rare

A disintegration torc is a type of grenade crafted in a torus shape. When triggered and thrown, it erupts into a spinning ring of disruptive ionic energies that decays into unstable antimatter as it dissipates, leaving behind a sphere of absolute destruction. All creatures and objects in a 5-foot-radius burst take 10d6 force damage, or half as much with a successful DC 15 Constitution saving throw. Objects take double damage, and this damage bypasses any damage thresholds. Creatures and objects reduced to 0 hit points by a disintegration torc are disintegrated.

Force fields and objects made of force take double damage from a disintegration torc, and any noninstantaneous force effects that do not have hit p o i n t s are affected by dispel magic that uses a +5 bonus as its spellcasting ability bonus. Creatures made of force also take double damage from a disintegration torc.

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