Dragon Lilies

Wondrous item, common

These freshly picked flowers possess an ethereal and immaculate beauty.

As an action, a creature can present the lilies as a gesture of peace and friendship to another creature that can see the flowers and is not an enemy. When this occurs, the creature presenting the lilies gains a +10 bonus to Charisma ability checks against the target creature for 1 hour. Once the lilies have been presented in this manner, their magic fades, becoming ordinary (but quite beautiful) flowers. and constant interference by the dragon. Lily dragons value organic beauty above all other treasure. They cultivate vast gardens, raise rare plants, and collect art in vast quantities, all of which are arranged with immaculate aesthetic taste. Creatures that don’t antagonize the lily dragon are welcome in its home, and many peace-loving creatures have found the dragon’s arrogance to be a reasonable price to pay for a life of tranquility.

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