Draught of Glory

Wondrous item, legendary

This gleaming onyx drinking horn is full to the brim with a thick, amber liquid. Sounds of distant battle seem to rise from the horn’s depths.

The Draught of Glory is a truly legendary brew. Although there are many theories and myths regarding its origins, the most popular is that it was created by the deity of glory and battle, and fell to the Prime Material during an epic struggle with their eternal enemy. Drinking this celestial potion is said to change a mortal’s life forever.

When you drink the Draught of Glory, you are immediately cured of any conditions, diseases, or madnesses that you may be suffering from. You also regenerate any missing limbs and lose any scars that you may have. Lastly, all of your ability scores are raised by 1.

Once you have finished the Draught of Glory, the drinking horn disintegrates and reappears at a random location on the Prime Material 2d12 months later. An amber aurora fills the night sky above its new location for 1d3 days after it reappears.

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